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What's New 08/01/04 This page
Community News 08/01/04
  • Relevant article links
Neighbors 05/21/04
  • Added a new family listing on Allegan Circle
  • Added a new family listing on Bufkin Court
  • Added a new family listing on Phinney Way
  • Added a new family listing on Beswick Drive
  • Added a new family listing on Kaybe Court
  • Updated a family listing on Curie Drive
Events 06/11/04
  • Hitachi mixed-use proposed development public meeting
  • Coyote Valley Specific Plan Task Force and Community Workshop
  • Sunset Dinner
  • Pepsi Smash Screening Party
Announcements 05/07/04
  • May Anniversaries
  • Anniversary, Birth, Birthday, Funeral / Memorial, General Announcements
Organizations / Groups 04/23/04
  • Added Los Paseos April-May, 2004 Newsletter
  • Links and contact information for organizations in our community
Businesses 07/08/04
  • Added a new home-based business (Jones Fire Equipment Company)
  • Added a new business (South County Smog Test Center)
  • Added a new home-based business (PocketMoney ATM)
  • Links and contact information for businesses in our community
Government 01/20/03
  • Updated page to reflect names and contact information of two new councilmembers
Schools 05/14/02 Updated information
Parks 06/10/02
  • Updated La Colina Park profile
  • Golden Oak Park renamed Jeffrey Fontana Park
  • Information and links to individual San Jose park pages
Places of Worship 07/07/04
  • Updated a church listing
Real Estate 08/01/04
  • Updated Information
  • Now advertise open houses
  • Now show real estate trends for all regions and subregions
  • Added first version of real estate trends in our community
  • New revised format to speed up viewing
Services 12/06/02
  • Added link to San Jose International Airport flight tracking web page
  • Put the current weather links back in; Added sun/moon information at bottom of page
  • Added link to Century 16 Capitol Theater for Movies, Times & More
  • Added link to Bay Area Aircraft flight tracking
  • Added additional library links
Utilities 02/26/03
  • Changed cable television provider to Comcast
  • Changed Pacific Bell to SBC
  • Utility companies serving our community
Crime 03/19/04
  • thieves in south sanjose
  • Cary Verse - Convicted Sex Offender
  • Re: Be on the look out (Paseo from Avenida Espana ot foothills)
  • Be on the look out (Paseo from Avenida Espana ot foothills)
  • Mail Theft
  • Added link to San Jose "High Risk" Sex Offenders information
Classified Ads 04/25/04
  • Table & Hutch
  • Dinning table & hutch
  • Sofa and Loveseat
  • Bernal Graduation Gown
  • Plumbing Problems???
  • Jean couch and oversized chair
  • Very NICE entertainment center
  • Latest vehicles and items for sale
Ridesharing 05/26/04
  • Fremont - Peralta Boulevard - 94538
  • 180 Jackson Avenue, San Jose (off of Capitol Expressway North)
Sports 12/30/02
  • All Americans 11U traveling baseball team has roster openings...
  • Local sport teams schedules and results
Lost and Found 04/21/04
  • Lost Cat
  • Lost little cat
  • Beloved Engagement Ring LOST
Free/Nearly Free 03/08/04
  • Free Patio Table
  • Bernal Graduation Gown
  • Free Lil Tyke Tug Boat Sand Box
Chat/Messages 04/26/04
  • Re: Asphalt strips in sidewalk?!?!?
  • Re: Construction? @ Blossom Valley Elementry
  • Asphalt strips in sidewalk?!?!?
  • ESUHSD Librarian Cuts
Feedback 04/20/04
  • Latest feedback from the community and related news on a number of topics
Home Improvements 04/05/04
  • Re: I need concrete work done
  • I need concrete work done
  • Re: Home Improvements: Marble & Granite
  • Window & French Door Installation
  • Testamonials
  • Window testimonial
  • Positive fencing testimonial
  • Positive floor covering testimonial
  • Another positive electrician testimonial
  • Another positive roofing testimonial
  • Home improvements: Plumbers
  • Read and share your experiences (both positive and negative) regarding home improvement projects
Survey 02/09/99 Survey #1 - Get to know our neighbors
About Us 02/09/99 It's still us

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