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Mixed-Use Development of old IBM site at Cottle Road & 85

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Thursday, June 17th, 2004 @ 8:50 AM
Subj: Mixed-Use Development of old IBM site at Cottle Road & 85
From: (Russ R.)

Oh my goodness! Have these people seen this area and the traffic we already have? Whoever is planning this, I gurantee they do not live here. I live off of Ford Road by Monterey highway and I have lived here in South San Jose just about my whole life. I have seen the traffic get worse and worse the more housing that goes up in this area. Sometimes it takes me up to eight minutes just to go one block from Ford Road onto Blossom Hill Road because of all of the traffic from Monterey Plaza and Blossom Hill & Cottle. Eight minutes for one block. Does that sound right to anyone? Then, I use Santa Teresa Hospital and thanks to all of those new appartments and houses across the way it takes even longer to get into the hospital. My wife had both of our kids there and thank God we went to the hospital at night. Durring the day it will take anyone between five to six minutes just to go from Beswick (where Carl's Jr. is) to the other side of 85 where the hospital entrance is. That's three signals and highway traffic in about 100 yards. Now Hitachi wants to put about another 10,000 people there with houses, condo's, townhomes & businesses? Is anyone taking notes? We are already faced with tremendous traffic and there are already shopping centers around here that aren't even completely full and they are busy enough in traffic.

Someone definitely needs a reality check and see what this area is like to live in under the current conditions. I'm not sure any street improvememnts could help. Blossom Hill is 6 lanes. Cottle is six lanes for the most part. Santa Teresa is six lanes. So what's left? There's no more room for street expansion except for maybe Monterey and I'm not sure what the impact of a third lane would make on the rest of the area. I know it would help me and my neighborhood a great deal since the Monterey Plaza with Wal-Mart is always so crazy. But it does nothing for the rest of the area. Until someone solves this major issue the city can not possibly allow more housing in this area. Unless, of course, the traffic in this new housing is funneled through Great Oaks Blvd. on the oppostie side of the hospital. Ithink that is the only way this could work.

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