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475 Delridge Drive

Bill is in a New Division at A.T.& T. Broadband Internet Services in San Jose. He worked @ Great Oaks Water Co. for 8 years, Field Service and The Certified Backflow Tester, Then in 1989 my wife & I started a property maintenance business in sacramento, then had reconstructive spine surgery and during the 4 year recovery went to Heald Institute and received an Associates Degree in Applied Science and have worked for Hitachi now for 31/2 years. His hobbies include: fishing/home improvements/computer.

Michelle is the Keeper of the kids David & Danielle. Her hobbies include: my children, my husband, gardening, and drawing. Her talents include: Executive level of office administration and business management in Real Estate, Certified Public Accounting, Civil Engineering, Asbestos removal, roofing. Developed and implemented our property maintenance business from scratch. Have been a home mom for 8 years, have been classroom mom for my son's school K & 1st. Intend to be class mom at his new school (Baldwin). I am registered with Trustline as a non-licensed day care provider, and can provide in-home day care to 1 family at a time while caring for my two kids. Two weeks ago, I was asked and hired by Unity Care, Inc. to be a counselor at the group home for boys ages 9-14 that resides next door to my house. I completed the fingerprinting, FBI and child abuse records search, a two-day observation/training of the 3-11 shift. Can start now, but my husband & I are currently providing all the repairs and improvements for the owner of 475 Delridge Drive, as the Property Manager.

David is in the Second grade at Julia Baldwin Elementary School. His hobbies include: Perspective drawing, spelling, math, Learning Japanese. Nintendo, School participation for fundraising, Pokemon competing/Collecting and DragonBallZ, likes to go to church, asks to go to a different denomination about every 6 months. His talents include: Since 3 -knows all 50 states & capitals, full conprehension of the english language, can read anything, at age 6 started doing 6th grade math scientifically, has been computer literate since 2. Undestands DOS, Windows95, Internet, E-Mail, installation and types about 45 to 50 wpm. He is left handed, very polite, sweet, honest. Great sense of humor, nickname when he's little slow & lazy with motor skills - JETHRO.

Danielle is in Kindergarten. Her hobbies include: running amok - getting into trouble, causing trouble, fashion conscience since two, loves Barbie, gymnastics, playing, Singing & Dancing - Rock & Roll, and whatever her brother is doing. Her talents include: Head standing/troublemaking/having fun; can count to 20, can put fingernail polish on nails with supervision, or on everything else without supervision. Whines & Complains just because, gets into everybody else's stuff but won't clean her own room, Very melodramatic, strong willed, no-fear, tough but in a very girly way of course. Tells jokes, hides at department stores. Nickname when she is the 10 just like me my mother promised to me @ 14 - DAMWELL.

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