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Shady Oaks Sports Park!!  <<< Click for MORE info.

Painting Day   9/28/02  ** New!! 10/04/2002**

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Abandoned Vehicles


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Neighbors Get Down & Dirty on Coyote Rd

November Beautification Day - More Thanks!

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SHADY OAKS SPORTS PARK!!  <<< Click for info.  8/14/02  UPDATE

Summary of the 8/6/02 Community Workshop and other information.


Our CNA Beautification Committee, spearheaded by Ardell, gathered up its talented forces and brightened up our neighborhood by painting the wall at the corner of Coyote Road and Silver Creek Valley Road. 


Another planting day for this area is planned in the spring.  Additional shrubs and mulch will be added for brightening and sprucing up.


Special thanks to Cam, Rob, Andre, Frank & Sandy, Jackie, Lori & kids, and George and Ardell & kids.

View more of your hardy neighbors painting and cleaning  HERE.


Come join your neighbors and help make improvements to Coyote Road.  Century Neighborhood's main focus has been to make Coyote Road a safer and more attractive road in our community.  Century has been instrumental in making many improvements to Coyote Road,  i.e., parking, traffic signs, litter removal and landscape improvements.  We are inviting all neighbors to come out and be a part of the community spirit. 

The Association's funds will provide food and beverages for everyone who attends.

For further information, please call Ardell Alcantar at 629-6406.

The next event of the season is

Saturday, November 2

Bulb Planting

9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Dear Neighbors,

The Century Neighborhood Association needs your help ridding our neighborhood of abandoned, inoperable and illegally parked vehicles.  It's a problem that causes visual blight, reduces parking for visitors and can lead to pollution, crime and dangerous driving conditions. 

Remember, San Jose city code states:

    Vehicles parked on the street cannot be:

    l Unregistered for over 6 months

    l Inoperable (missing essential parts such as the engine,

         transmission, wheels, windshield)

    Vehicles on private property and parked on an unpaved surface cannot be:

    l   Inoperable for over 72 hours (missing essential parts such as

          the engine, transmission, wheels, windshield)

Here's what you can do to help:

If you have a car, truck, boat, camper or trailer that isn't registered or you don't plan to use it, park it in your garage or paved driveway.  Remind your neighbors that it's against San Jose city code to store these vehicles on the street.  If you feel that a car has been abandoned on a street in your neighborhood, call the city's Vehicle Abatement Hotline at 408-277-5305.  Someone from the city will visit the neighborhood, tag the offending vehicle, and give the owner 72 hours notice or the vehicle will be towed.

You can get more information on the city's vehicle abatement program at

Thanks for your help in making the Century Neighborhood a great place to live!

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