Blossom Valley Neighborhood Association - July, 1999 Newsletter

The Blossom Valley Neighborhood Association
Proudly Presents the

4th Annual

(Held on Monday July 5th this year!)

Celebration Parade & Picnic
Where: Miner Park
Who: All Neighbors are invited, and you are encouraged to decorate your wagons, strollers, bikes, trikes, etc. Be Patriotic!
10:00 Parade Line-Up: The line will form in Miner Park on the sidewalk parallel to Copco.
10:30 Parade: The parade begins in the park, and proceeds along Copco to Colville, along Colville to Bangor, and back to Miner Park, remaining on the sidewalk for the entire route. Spectators may view the parade from the opposite sidewalk along the parade route.
11:00 Patriotic Program: Speaker Tom Chandler, our new neighbor on Lathrop Drive, and music sing along led by Bruce Mann.
11:30 Childrenís Games and Activities, ages 3-11: Prizes will be given to all game participants
12:30 Picnic: Bring your own lunch - Root Beer, Lemonade, Popcorn, and Watermelon will be supplied by B.V.N.A.
Important Reminders

No alcoholic beverages allowed in the park.

Bring your own chairs, blankets, and whatever else you need for the picnic, as there is nothing but grass and trees at Miner Park.

Special request for those of you who live along the parade route: please park your cars in your driveway on Sunday night, or at least during the parade on Monday. Thank you!

To volunteer your help - we especially need high school students to help with the games - please call Linda Boman at 225-0180.

Now the "Why"....

"In the United States, the most important patriotic holiday is Independence Day, July 4th. The countryís birthday is widely celebrated with many parades, public meetings, patriotic music, and speech making." Britannica Junior Encyclopedia, 1978

We feel it is important to remember the events that brought this nation into being in 1776, and to appreciate the freedom, opportunities, and responsibilities we enjoy today.

We hope that if you plan to remain at home for this holiday, you will come "join the parade" and celebrate this important holiday with your neighbors.

As a community service, Scott and Diana Scholz have developed a web site for the South San Jose area. Visit the site and stay current with events that are happening in our neighborhood: news, neighbors, events, businesses, parks, schools, real estate, sports, classified ads, chat, feedback, and crime information: itís all here and free!

  • Stay current on information regarding the proposed Calpine 600 megawatt power plant and proposed Cisco campus 4 miles from Santa Teresa Hospital.

  • Share your ideas, thoughts, and concerns regarding our community.

  • Check out the Community News page for the latest information on local shopping centers.

Free Compost!

Call Beverly at 281-3070 if you are interested in finding out how you may obtain free compost for use in your yards and gardens.

National Night Out 1999

On Tuesday, August 3rd, from 7 pm to 10 pm, people all over the United States will observe the 16th Annual National Night Out. This program was started to make a statement against crime in our cities and towns across the country. Join us by organizing a neighborhood activity on your block. It might be a BBQ, a pot-luck, an ice cream social, or just an informal gathering on your front lawn to talk with your neighbors. If you would like to be a part of this yearís fun and/or need more ideas, call Monica at San Jose Police Departmentís Crime Prevention Unit at 408-277-4133.

Enjoying Miner Park

- by Beverly Moffitt

Miner Park is our neighborhood asset. The more we use it for good purposes the less it will be misused by those who do not appreciate it. I'm happy when I see families playing or picnicking there, kites flying, couples reading, kids learning to play ball, dogs frolicking. I hope we all can appreciate the park and help to keep it lovely.

Special Announcements

The Independence Day Celebration replaces our regular B.V.N.A. meeting for July. Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 23rd. Special thanks to the 4th of July committee: especially Linda Boman, chair of the event this year and last; Paula Bassett in charge of the children's activities; BVNA officers Marie Arnold, Ray Batchelor, & Beverly Moffitt; board members Diane Elizondo (popcorn person), Judy Akers (watermelon provider), Susie Kitaji (parade badges) and Bruce & Diana Mann; Melissa Singh who does the design and layout of our newsletters, and all others (including spouses and families of all of the above) who contributed in any way to the success of the celebration.

And many thanks to Joan Anders of Coldwell Banker, Cornish & Carey Real Estate, who has printed our newsletters for 4 years now. Please call her with your questions about buying or selling a home. Her phone number is 408-996-7100, ext. 2247, and her pager number is 408-955-8216.

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