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Master Plan

The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will support the Master Plan for Santa Teresa Park.

  1. Design, plan and propose for new moneys to be spent at Santa Teresa Park to open new areas at the Bernal Historic Recreational area.
  2. Design, plan and propose volunteer community projects that will protect the historic buildings in the Bernal Historic Recreational area.

Support Park Ranger

The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will encourage the safe use of the park by supporting and helping the park rangers.

  1. Encourage the establishment of a full time ranger to be stationed at the park during daylight hours.
  2. Provide support on projects identified by the ranger as needs arise.
  3. Establish a Sheriff/Police/Ranger Park watch to help become the eyes and ears of the park.
  4. Encourage a Park status report at the board meeting from the ranger.
  5. Encourage emergency phones to be placed in the park.

Park Projects

The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will support the completion of the six projects recommended by Rangers and others.

  1. Complete the following projects:
    1. Stiles interior fence line work
    2. Ground Cover Planting Santa Teresa Golf Course
    3. Cross-Country trail
    4. Joice/Bernal Bear Tree, Building and Corral Weeding
    5. Fortini/Stiles Ranch Trail Work
    6. Nature trail by the Pueblo picnic area
    7. Santa Teresa Grist Stone Sign


The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will support the recognition of volunteers who work at the park.

  1. The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will actively support the County Volunteer Recognition program by recording hours of volunteer time and attending the recognition party.
  2. The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will give recognition to outstanding volunteers.
  3. The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will give recognition to outstanding business supporters.


The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will support the historical development of the Joice/ Bernal Property into an active museum site.

  1. The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will continue to support the activities of the Santa Teresa Community Day event by providing a historical information booth and display.
  2. Nature Trail docent tours will be encouraged for school groups.
  3. The encouragement of the development of new educational curriculum about the Rancho Santa Teresa Historical Recreational Area will be encouraged.
  4. The identification of marking other historical areas with an information sign will be encouraged.
  5. To provide education programs located on the ranch through participation in living history events, museum displays, docent tours, science programs, agriculture studies, city and regional planning, outdoor arts and crafts.
  6. To develop multimedia material to explain the history of the Santa Teresa Rancho era.

Fund Raising

The friends of Santa Teresa Park will encourage funding raising events and corporate, community sponsors.

  1. Fund raising events will be encouraged to help support the groups activities.
  2. Corporate sponsors will be encouraged support the Joice/Bernal house renovation to be located.
  3. A program to offer membership into our organization will be encouraged and benefits and events will be established.
  4. Private and public grants will be sought to increase the funding for the development of the historical area and the natural environment of the park.
  5. Support the commitment of raising $100,000 by establishing a committee to help seek donated funds to pay for the interior improvements of the Joice Bernal Ranch House.

Group Identification

The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will encourage activities that help promote public awareness about its service to the community.

  1. To design, build and construct a sign to be placed Santa Teresa Park to provide information to park users on how to participate in our group.
  2. To design and distribute a membership card.
  3. To design and distribute a stylish group identify shirt or hat.
  4. Sponsor and distribute an organizational educational newsletter.
  5. To design and establish a web page on the world wide web network.
  6. To manage the SJ Beautiful Grant and reapply for next years funding.


The Friends of Santa Teresa Park will support the development of establishing an organization.

  1. Write and adopt volunteer job description for the Friends of Santa Teresa Park.
  2. File for non-profit status and incorporation with the Internal Revenue Service.
  3. Obtain liability insurance for our group.
  4. Establish 9 volunteer people to have active committees and serve on the board.
  5. Establish fund raisers to pay for expenses, such as insurance and incorporation.
  6. Establish a quarterly newspaper to announce the events of the group.
  7. Review a Park Use Permit agreement with the county.
  8. Obtain a Hand Bill permit and business license with the City of San Jose.
  9. Obtain non-profit mail postage permit.
  10. To actively obtain support from the business community and other volunteer groups.
  11. To actively report and record volunteer hours on at regular monthly meetings.

1999 Mission Statement


Our Bylaws and goals state that we wish to provide a community volunteer service to the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department. To begin this goal we wrote The Friends of Santa Teresa Park's Mission statement to encourage volunteers to promote public awareness, understanding and enjoyment of the historical, recreational, biological, and geological resources of the Santa Teresa County Park.


It is the Mission of The Friends of Santa Teresa Park to encourage and simplify community involvement in the development, maintenance and protection of recreational facilities within the park. It is also our Mission to create clear communication with the community, the Santa Clara County Parks Department Staff and other agencies.

Meeting Notice

Friends of Santa Teresa Park

March 9, 2000
7 P.M. to 9 P.M.
Santa Teresa Golf Course
Upper Club House Santa Teresa Park


    1. Opening and Role Call
      Introduction of new members
    2. Review of minutes
    3. Amend Agenda
  2. PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS Reserved is this portion of the meeting for persons desiring to address the Association on any matter not on the agenda. Speakers are limited to three (3) minutes. All statements that require a response will be placed on the Agenda for the next regular meeting of the Association.
    1. Park Status
      Ranger - Jim O'Connor - Interpretive program report
      - Bucks Patrol - Phone at Pueblo Cross Country
      Maintenance - Dave Ellis -Creek at Buck Norred's- Maintenance
      Schedule for trail events.
      - New staff members Chris
    2. Volunteer Recognition
      - April 13, 2000 - Your all invited.
      - Bernal Band
      - Set up , Registration, Clean-up
    3. Volunteer hours report - Mike
      1. Trail Watch hours
      2. Volunteer hours
      3. Project hours
    4. Trail Events/ Conditions - Mario
  4. Commission Meeting - Kitty
    1. Joice Bernal up date
    2. Fee charges -$4.00
    3. Mounted Patrol
  5. Treasures Report - Steve Crockett
    1. Bank Account status - $1558.33
    2. United Neighborhoods - $45.00 - Presentation $25.00 - Preservation Action Council 25.00(?)
    3. Taxes and Hand Bill permit. - $300.00
  6. Earth Core - Mike
    1. Need Ranger help.
    2. Weekly meeting every Wednesday.
    3. Distinguished Schools recognition for Baldwin
  7. Springs - Hazen - Light
  8. Interpretive Program discussion
  9. Archaeology Collection
  10. Acceptance of Nominations- Elaine
  11. Elections

For more information, contact:
Mike Boulland @ 268-2703

Calendar of Events

3/15/00- Baldwin School Earth Core meeting - - 2:30 PM

3/17/00- Earth Core Volunteer Work Day - - 2:30 PM - Ohlone trail /Buck Norms Creek - HeathMoore and Bernal- Volunteer Help Needed

4/1/00 - Bernal ARC Day - Need lots of help. Tours

4/7//00 - Monthly Meeting - 7:00 p.m. - Upper Club House Santa Teresa VCC Awards Dinner - All invited - Need help for set up and clean up.

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